7 Days Yoga Retreat Bali

Spiritual retreats are increasingly being preferred by many people over regular holidays. If you are planning a week-long retreat to break the chain of monotonous life events and recharge yourself, Vinyasa Yoga Centre in the picturesque Indonesian island is an irresistible option.


Yoga retreats are more relevant in today’s times due to the stress of modern life. The mind creates thought patterns on the basis of sensory inputs and the toxic thought patterns are often difficult to release. Yoga provides you insight into the working of the mind and its impact on the body.


Our 7 days and 8 nights yoga retreat in Bali provides you an ideal way to unwind and release the toxic thoughts and replace them with productive ones for a better state of mind. Located at the heart of Bali (Ubud), the retreat center with its serene surroundings, spacious rooms, swimming pools and sprawling garden area will transport you to a different plane altogether.

Yoga Retreat In Bali Details

Our highly qualified instructors with their deep knowledge of ancient and modern yoga will guide you to be mindful of your thought patterns and encourage you to undertake the beautiful journey involving mind, body and soul.


We offer an array of detox, de-stress and rejuvenation therapies that will help you press the reset button and release stress like never before. Therapies are also curated to meet the varying needs of the people coming from diverse cultures and countries.


Whether you are a beginner, at intermediate or at advance level, the activities and relaxation techniques will be modelled as per your comfort level. We offer yoga sessions twice a day and conduct daily meditation session. The retreat will help you delve deeper into the ancient yoga tradition and allow you to experience the healing and rejuvenating power of yoga at its best.


With a lot of temples, markets, parks and other popular tourist spots, Bali with its natural appeal is no wonder a popular yoga retreat destination for people and Vinyasa Yoga Centre a top choice to check in.

Retreat Schedule


6:00 am to 7:00 amDetoxification/ Pranayama
7:00 am to 8:30 amHatha/Vinyasa Flow
9:00 amBreakfast
10:00 am to 1:00 pmFree Time
1:00 pm to 2:00 pmLunch
4:00 pm to 5:30 pmAshtanga Yoga
6:00 pm to 7:00 pmMeditation
7:00 pm to 8:00 pmDinner
10:00 pmLights off

Daily Dates & Fee

We are available from 1st to 25th of every month, you can join us in any day in between from 1st to 25th of every month.

What is included in the Retreat Fees?

  • 8 Nights private Accommodation
  • 3 times Vegetarian meals 
  • Yoga classes every day
  • Free Internet
  • Yoga Mats and material for all activities

Retreat Fees 
900 USD (American dollar)


What is Not included in the Retreat Fees?

  • Airfare
  • Any Personal Expenses 

School Policies

All classes are mandatory only in case of an emergency or illness one can take leave with respected teacher permission. Uninformed leaves won’t be accepted and this will leave bad impression on student monthly performance.


Prerequisites – A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the teaching of yoga demand a high degree of self-discipline and purity. To ensure the success of the program, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, meditation sessions, lectures and asana classes. Meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with the school rules may be dismissed from the course.


Discipline Rules for Students – Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school. If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform kitchen manager for avoiding food waste. Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules. Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join class. Clear your books of account before departure from Vinyasa Yoga Centre. Before departure return your books, maps or any goods which you borrowed. Vinyasa Yoga Centre provides accommodation for a student who join the yoga course. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation however they can stay in school by renting another room. Student have to be present in all scheduled program of Vinyasa Yoga Centre.


Refund Policy –  The course fees & Booking amount will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules. If student cancel the course after joining it, we accept cancellation but course fees will not be refund in cancellation.